Our concept is the idea that we can all do something to Make Life Good for others.

During the Great Recession and its aftermath, life still has been difficult for many people. But at the same time, we have all witnessed countless ways in which people are willing to do good deeds for others. However, we think we can all do a even more. We believe that people just need to be reminded, encouraged or inspired to make life good for others. 

You can find our various messages on our t-shirts, hoodies  and other products – all Made in the USA. So help us spread the word of our messages, which urge people to take specific action to improve life for others, like Share, Give, Pay It Forward, Make It In The USA, Teach, Adopt, Help The Homeless, and many more!

We can all do something to Make A Difference in the lives of others.  And we hope you will support our concept. We can’t change the world one person at a time without your help!

In addition, we plan to donate a portion of all sales to individuals and groups that Make Life Good! for others.

So please . . . Make Life Good! for others. Just Imagine all of the possibilities. We can all Make A Difference and Pay It Forward. Join The Movement now and become a Founding Member.

Here are some examples of our messages:

Make A Difference - Make Life Good and Make A Difference. By shopping our products, you too can Remind, Encourage and Inspire people to make life good for others. A portion of every purchase will also go to an organization that makes life good meaning you have an even greater potential to Make A Difference.

Support Our Troops – Make Life Good and Support Our Troops. The sacrifices our troops make are enormous and you can show your support by teaming up with us. Wear our “Support Our Troops” apparel and be a constant reminder to those around you to never forget those that are fighting for us. Your purchase will also help pay for Make Life Good care packages sent overseas.

Teach – Teachers are too often under appreciated and overlooked. Change that by sporting our Make Life Good “Teach” line and sharing your support with others. With visible reminders to “Thank A Teacher” or “Show Your Support,” we might be able to give teachers the attention and admiration they deserve. X% of each purchase will also go towards classroom supplies for local schools.

Feed The Hungry – Feed The Hungry by bringing an issue that’s frequently cast aside and avoided back into the spotlight. With one of our “Feed The Hungry” products, you’ll be advocating for a solution to this worldwide problem while also contributing to local shelters. Your purchase will help buy food for an adult, or child, in need.

Help The Homeless – How can you help the homeless? If you have a good idea or have done something good for the homeless, share your story with us and we might feature it on our blog! We could even put your plan into action if “the stars align.”