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  • Make Life Good. Honor Our Fallen.

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    Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. A day to honor those who have fallen in their service of this great country. While you might find yourself distracted by the BBQs, music, parties, and excitement over the coming summer season, the flowers with which we decorate the graves of our soldiers remind us how much we’ve lost—and how much we’ve gained from those losses.

    Memorial Day demands a personal reflection from each and every one of us. It calls on us to assess our situations. It urges us to appreciate how far we’ve come and to continue working to go even further.

    Whether you have been directly affected by a soldier’s sacrifice for the United States of America or not, most can identify with the feeling of a “debt” that is owed. The feeling that, in the face of such tremendous sacrifice, you and I must do our part to continue developing this country. We must work, contribute, give…that way, the vision our cherished fought for may be realized.

    This vision is likely one we won’t ever come to see with our own eyes. It entails incredible amounts of time, energy, tolerance, and compassion. So long as we remember, however, to not waste our time, to invest our energy into virtuous ventures, to practice tolerance everyday with everyone, and to show compassion to our fellow citizens, we will make progress.

    We at Make Life Good believe that progress is an acceptable and appropriate “monument” to our heroes. We incorporate this belief into our business and seek to inspire others to make progress in the same way we have been inspired ourselves. This Memorial Day, and every day, make a point of reflecting and remembering. Do what you can to honor our heroes and make a lasting impression in your community.

    Make Life Good. Honor Our Fallen.

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