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  • Vote! Make Life Good!

    0 comments / Posted on by David Wudyka

    It seems like such a simple act - the act of voting. Yet, as many people know, very few people actually vote. What is sad about this is that our country asks very little of us. At one time the United States expected people to serve in the military when the draft existed. Now even that act of patriotism is optional.

    Isn’t voluntarily voting the least we can do?

    Our goal here at The Make Life Good Company has always been to “remind, encourage and inspire” people to “make life good” for others. But, once again, it’s hard to get away from the fact that, when we vote, we too can feel good about what we’ve done.

    I like to observe the ways in which we are encouraged by others to engage in activities like volunteerism and voting. When we volunteer we are told that we will feel good “knowing that we helped others.” Yes, that’s good, but I’ve found that the reward is much greater than that! Specifically, I have forged great friendships and learned a lot through volunteerism. And yes, I have also derived great satisfaction from helping others.

    When we vote, we are told that “your one vote can make a difference”! Yes it can. But even greater is the knowledge that voting for the right person can “make a difference” for many people throughout our land. That is where the true difference is made.

    With that in mind, won’t you vote during this election season? By doing so, you will know that you have made a positive difference in the lives of people in need, somewhere in our country. Voting doesn’t require reciprocation by those who benefit by your decision. In that sense, it is truly a selfless act.

    So be sure to vote in this political season and “make life good” for someone else. What a wonderful American right we enjoy, and responsibility we have!

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