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  • We Can Do Better

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    As a teacher at the collegiate level, I am sometimes asked by my International students to “explain” America. It’s a big topic! So I simply respond by saying that we “make big mistakes and then we correct them.” It is not an admission of failure. It is an expression of success. My intention is to convey our willingness to do so, as compared to countries that perpetuate policies and ideas that aren’t good for their people. We knew we could do better.

    We see numerous examples of this in our history. We withheld the right to vote from women. We engaged in the practice of slavery. We restricted the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman versus all people who love one another, an issue still playing itself out in our society today. We allege that we are tolerant of all religions, and yet for some religions, maybe not so much. These issues, too, will be resolved over time. Because we do the right thing. Our history has proven that people knew that we could do better, and they did.

    In Martin Luther King’s carefully crafted speech at the Reflecting Pool, he suggested, in an ever so delicate way, that America had not fulfilled the promise of equality crafted by its forefathers to our Nation’s people. To all of its people. In other words, Martin Luther King knew we could do better.

    The people of our nation face such challenges today, such as human rights, poverty, education, nutrition, health care, housing, and more. It seems the more we work to address them, the target that we strive to achieve keeps moving. The capacity of people to volunteer their time toward this end never ceases to amaze us here at The Make Life Good Company.

    And it seems that no matter how much we’ve done as a people, and no matter how much the target moves, we know that we can still do better. Given our history, we know we will. Given the urgency, we should start now.

    We hope to meet you on the road to doing better and making life good for all.

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  • Man’s Best Friend

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    As we strive to “Remind, Encourage and Inspire” others to make life good for people in every possible way, my thoughts turn to one of my favorite subjects: Man’s Best Friend.

    We’re lucky here at The Make Life Good Company. As we scan the globe, the Internet, and even our own web site and social media channels, we discover the ways that people not only make life good for people, but for animals as well. We see the cruel ways in which people disregard animal life, and then we discover the ways that heroes emerge each day to combat the evil in our world.

    Here are some of those ways:

    • In Providence, RI, an animal was believed to have been thrown from an automobile and killed. But we see organizations like the SPCA around to pursue justice and to offer rewards for information leading to the prosecution of the perpetrators. Fortunately, the SPCA determined that the dog was killed beforehand, and was not thrown from a car. But without agencies like the SPCA, one less voice would be heard in support of animals.
    • At the University of Rhode Island we see students committed to training dogs for the future benefit of others who need special assistance. These students went to URI in some cases because of the freedom they were afforded to make this a part of not only their curriculum, but their lives. Check out the “Puppy Raisers Club” at URI.
    • Service dogs are also regularly featured on the Today Show (“Wrangler”) to raise awareness about the importance of Service Animals to those in need of assistance at home. This has to inspire others to become involved in this worthwhile endeavor.
    • Want to really raise the bar of preserving animal life? It was divulged at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show in NYC that one concerned group of lovers of animal life actually saved a breed from extinction! Can the love and values about the importance of animal life be expressed any more deeply than this?

    That’s it for now. We hope that this blog helps to “remind, encourage and inspire” you to make life good for others – and dogs and other pets. Adopt a dog (or other pet) today. Let us know if we can help!

    Dave Wudyka


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  • Official Launch of the Make Life Good website!

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    It is incredibly fitting that we are officially launching our website around the holiday season as we have much to be thankful for: our families, our friends, and those who support us and our mission to Make Life Good for others. We can’t be happier to be in the position we’re in where we have the opportunity to now spread the word through our own messages in addition to the stories from the wonderful people out there doing the same.
    It’s no secret we are living in a tumultuous time, where people are weary, scared, and heartbroken about the recent horrific events in Paris, Mali, Kenya, Syria, and other places around the world. And while our company and a great many around the world mourn for those whose lives we’ve lost, there are more stories of forgiveness, bravery, unity and resolve expressed every day. It’s sometimes forgotten how love and the power of the human spirit bond us together and how people of all walks of life encourage and inspire one another to move on through such difficult circumstances. 
    Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support. In difficult times we feel it’s important to be there for one another and we hope, through our messages and through stories from people around the world, we can aid in the healing and  create awareness of issues that persist. 
    We appreciate you taking the time to read our new post on our new website. We will be posting on a weekly basis and we look forward to connecting with you all soon!

    The MLG Team

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