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It is incredibly fitting that we are officially launching our website around the holiday season as we have much to be thankful for: our families, our friends, and those who support us and our mission to Make Life Good for others. We can’t be happier to be in the position we’re in where we have the opportunity to now spread the word through our own messages in addition to the stories from the wonderful people out there doing the same.
It’s no secret we are living in a tumultuous time, where people are weary, scared, and heartbroken about the recent horrific events in Paris, Mali, Kenya, Syria, and other places around the world. And while our company and a great many around the world mourn for those whose lives we’ve lost, there are more stories of forgiveness, bravery, unity and resolve expressed every day. It’s sometimes forgotten how love and the power of the human spirit bond us together and how people of all walks of life encourage and inspire one another to move on through such difficult circumstances. 
Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support. In difficult times we feel it’s important to be there for one another and we hope, through our messages and through stories from people around the world, we can aid in the healing and  create awareness of issues that persist. 
We appreciate you taking the time to read our new post on our new website. We will be posting on a weekly basis and we look forward to connecting with you all soon!

The MLG Team


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