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We support many different causes and send out many different messages (we’ve got a lot to say). One of our favorite messages is “Give.” What better time to talk about giving than this holiday season.

With all the gift giving and festivities around this time, most people interpret the message “give” as giving gifts, or even donating. Giving, though, can mean so much more. Instead of donating a toy, you can donate your time. Instead of giving something store bought, you can give something more unique and meaningful. Give a lesson to a family member or friend and teach them something worthwhile.

Giving is so popular nowadays and doesn’t show signs of going away. Just look at the overwhelming response we had for Giving Tuesday on Dec. 1st. We’re caught up in the spirit of giving ourselves and have some plans in the works for the very near future. Continue to check in, we’ll share news of our plans as soon as we can!

“Give” is a message and idea we’re committed to year-round. It can make such a difference in someone else’s life and that’s what it’s all about for us…making life good.

So we encourage you to let yourself get swept up in the holiday spirit and give. And we challenge you to keep on giving well past the end of the holiday season. The gift of giving itself is one we can offer each and every day.

Give thanks.

Give someone a second chance.

Give someone a helping hand.

Make Life Good and Give!


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