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During the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became the voice of equality for African Americans. There were many representatives during this movement, among the most memorable being Rosa Parks and Malcolm X, who all in their own ways, through their actions and words, led a non-violent movement for the benefit of all people in the U.S. 

We realize the goal of Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement was to promote and realize equity of all minority groups—but it did so much more. People were forced to open up their minds, putting themselves in the position of the oppressed. They were forced to open their hearts, seeing beyond skin color and to the content of their character. This is an outcome Dr. King surely strived for. 

However, we have seen times both in the United States and abroad that contradict and compromise all that Dr. King and his predecessors fought for. President Obama, in his recent State of the Union address encouraged and challenged citizens of this country to voice our opinions and identify ourselves as people of one nation of truth and unconditional love.

We at The Make Life Good Company think that we can all be and do better. Soon we will have products available that  represent this thought as well as one that illustrates Dr. King's messages.
Let's all remember Dr. King's contributions to our society this upcoming Martin Luther King Day holiday and thorughout the year.

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