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Here at the Make Life Good! Company, we aim to improve all of our relationships with people. We think it makes for a better world.  Sometimes the images in the media that we experience suggest otherwise. Here’s another mis Advisor about improving the quality of our lives. You may have heard of him. . .

Unless you haven’t been around lately, you probably know about the Progressive Insurance Company’s character known as “Dr. Rick” who supposedly helps all of us avoid being like our parents. I must admit that I don’t always understand his advice. But I guess that’s the point. I must think like my parents. Doesn’t it make sense that I would? Is it really that bad to do so?

In any event, here is some of his sage advice:

  • Don’t use paper tickets for air travel
  • Don’t return other people’s carriages in supermarket parking lots
  • Don’t complement the manager of the deli for the sharpness of the meat slicers
  • Don’t strike up humorous conversations with people you don’t know
  • Don’t take snacks with you on an airplane that you buy in a concourse before the trip
  • Don’t buy signs about family, love or other sentimental ideas for display in your home
  • Don’t mispronounce “Quinoa.”
  • Don’t request discounts in department stores
  • Don’t talk about when to leave a football game before the game has started
  • Don’t check when your group letter will be called for boarding the plane.

I guess it’s just me, because I don’t see what is wrong with these ideas. Especially the ones that improve relations with other people.

I wonder what he would say about marriage? There are so many decisions to be made, some of which may reflect the recommendations of parents. Maybe it’s because parents have already experienced them. Shouldn’t parents know more?

What would Dr. Rick say about the honeymoon? You see, some couples spend a lot of money on a honeymoon that could probably be better spent on their future living expenses. That is what practical newlyweds would do. But being frugal may reflect their parents’ advice.

But this is life, a one-time deal for all of us. I say, “go for it.”  Go to the Mediterranean. Drink wine and eat pizza. Have a Gyro. Meet people. Take boat rides. Enjoy the beautiful environment. See the vestiges of history. Be a minuscule part of the evolution of Earth and Mankind. It will fill you with life itself.

Yeah, I know. It’s expensive. REAL expensive. But here’s what I say. If it’s not traditional, then it must be what Dr. Rick would like.

Imagine that. . .did I just agree with Dr. Rick?!

In celebration of the future marriage of my son, Ian and his fiancée Morgan, in July 2022!

Send me a postcard from Greece. Better yet send me a text message with pictures.

I’m learning. . .

The Make Life Good! Team
Wrentham, MA
November 2021 


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