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I'm confused about hugging. In light of the recent Biden hugging controversy, I thought I’d survey our readers. Can you tell us

which of the following behaviors is still acceptable?

• A celebratory hug with team mates after a great athletic achievement

• As an adult, hugging your Mom and Dad

• As a teacher, accepting a hug from a student who is appreciative of what he or she learned

• Hugging a “long lost friend”

• Hugging a person you admire

• Hugging a survivor from a flooded cave? From a collapsed mine?

• Hugging a politician who you’ve supported for two years, and who then wins the election

• Hugging a doctor who saved your life

Here at The Make Life Good Company we think that the world is a better place with hugs. But it seems that they

aren’t acceptable when given by politicians.


We want to be politically correct. So send us your thoughts.

I’m exhausted from all this thinking. I think I need a hug.



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